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Remember when you look at these pictures Linda will be removed from any that you select.

The image above is an example of this. I've also done a little extra work on this in making the yellows and blues of the bandstand more vibrant.

JL_0042 copy
JL_0043 copy
JL_0044 copy
JL_0045 copy
JL_0046 copy
JL_0047 copy
JL_0048 copy
JL_0049 copy
JL_0050 copy
JL_0056 copy
JL_0057 copy
JL_0059 copy
JL_0060 copy
JL_0064 copy
JL_0065 copy
JL_0066 copy
JL_0067 copy
JL_0072 copy
JL_0073 copy
JL_0074 copy
JL_0075 copy
JL_0076 copy
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